Josh Lorenzo has always enjoyed writing and has always been sarcastic so he thought, why not merge the two? He enjoys telling stories that are based on fact but embellished with a substantial amount of hyperbole.  Quite often, this means making fun of himself.

He’s been featured on the humor website McSweeney’s:

Unanswered 1980s Movie Want Ads

Congressional Flow Chart

An open letter to James Madison

Daily Drunk Magazine:

Should I Hike Or Nah – A Flowchart

Little Old Lady Comedy:

Robert Frost Revises Three Of His Famous Poems After Experiencing First World Problems


An Open Letter To The Woman In Marshall Tucker Band’s “Can’t You See

Weekly Humorist:

Popular Scented Candles of 2020

Seven New Rules for the 2020 Presidential Debates

Actual Phases of the Global Pandemic I’ve Experienced

It is I, Ramp

Newly Discovered Side Effects of Hydroxychloroquine

Where Are They Now: Jack and Diane

What Your Favorite Eagles Song Says About the way you End Relationships

What Your Favorite Salad Bar Dressing of Choice Says About You

Don’t Hold the Door for Me: An Introverts Lament

If Adam Levine’s Tattoos Could Talk

He writes a monthly political satire column for Political Animal Magazine called “Don’t Feed the Animals”:

Hurricane Dorian Coming Back with a Vengeance

A Letter from Lincoln

New Study Indicates that Childhood Vaccinations May Increase the Risk of Dying from Natural Causes Several Decades Later

Russia Interested in Interrogating Rocky Balboa

Reality Series Aims to Destroy National Park

Making Every Season in America Summer

Crooner Michael Bolton’s Introductory Press Conference as National Security Advisor

Paul Ryan’s Retirement

The Washington Post’s Capital Weather Gang blog:

An Open Letter to the Emerging Cicadas

Dear January, Have you gone rogue?

We Survived a Hellish Summer!

Dear June, Don’t be a Jerk!

Dear March, You’re fired!

A Week in the Life of a Broken-Hearted Snow Lover

Abandoning autumn: September’s interview to become summer’s fourth month

Clouds: A Field Guide to Clouds

My flaming war with this hellish heat wave

Burning for You

I hate the cherry blossoms

Allergies: the great April debate

Winter’s commitment issues


The Local Opinions Matter Page of The Washington Post: 

Here’s how to finally get snow in D.C.

I’m the fan who leaves early from sporting events

How to literally and figuratively drain a swamp

A solar eclipse of the heart


The Flake News:

Trump and Covid-19 Engage in Testy Twitter Exchange

Roseanne Asks President Trump to Eulogize Her


Robot Butt:

An Open Letter on Manshaking

Pre-K State Basketball Championship Results

Points in Case:

I’m the Tennis Ball Attached to the Old Man’s Walker

Unanswered 90s Movie Wants Ads

An Open Letter to Feet

A Cautionary Tale on Buying Your Wife a Star for Mother’s Day

An Open Letter to Arbor Day

Diminishing the jean pool

Tails of Fear: Going into my crawl space

Shut up and retire already


At The Good Men Project:

An Open Letter to Fortnite

Tales of an early arriver


At Parent.Co

The art of taking things literally is an art of childhood

Growing up is hard to do

Lights, camera, inaction!

Fitness Magazines (they do humor too):

Running Alone

The runner’s lie

Marathon on a treadmill

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