Vengeful Weather Pattern Wreaks Havoc on Angry Citizen

Vengeful Clouds Coalescing over Rockville, MD.

Rockville, MD. – “Don’t upset Mother Nature,” is the warning Rockville resident Dan Ogletree is giving to anyone who will listen.

Ogletree, who lives with his wife and two children in the quiet suburb of Washington D.C. is urging everyone to use caution when mocking Mother Nature with relentless verbal diatribes and inappropriate hand gestures. Continue reading “Vengeful Weather Pattern Wreaks Havoc on Angry Citizen”

Livin’ On a Prayer Doesn’t Work


In 1986, Jon Bon Jovi and his band decided to turn Tommy, now 56, and Gina, now 54, into household names.  The major rock anthem about a down on their luck couple, was supposed to propel these two Jersey lovers into a lifetime of fame and glory. It didn’t go as planned.  Continue reading “Livin’ On a Prayer Doesn’t Work”

An Open Letter to Cloud Eight

We Believe in you, Cloud Eight

Dear Cloud Eight,

It’s not you, and don’t you dare go thinking for a second that it is! You aren’t the reason people ignore you to focus on that annoyingly hard to achieve Cloud right above you. There isn’t a more overrated Cloud out there than Nine. Continue reading “An Open Letter to Cloud Eight”

The Sauna Effect

IMG_2453 (1)
The Hot Box

There are several misnomers and stereotypes about life in a fitness center sauna. It is my duty to dispel those rumors.

First and foremost, the sauna at my local gym is not overrun by former-KGB, towel-wearing, Russian oligarchs, with white chest hair and scary accents. In fact, that couldn’t be farther from the truth. These intimidating men are from Uzbekistan, and it’s best not to lavish them with praise of “Mother Russia.” They hate that. Continue reading “The Sauna Effect”