Road Trippin’


Road trips with teenage kids require patience, snacks, and cars with built-in phone chargers.  While the first two are very important, the third is by far the most important. In fact, road trips of distances greater than eleven miles with teenagers are strongly discouraged unless your car comes equipped with these life-saving chargers. Continue reading “Road Trippin’”

Front Royal

Heading West, and East

In the 1980s, when you got a letter indicating you’d won something, you didn’t ask questions. You pursued that to the end, and in most cases, to the bitter end. This was serious business. So, in 1986, when my parents received such a letter, it was time to pile into our station wagon and drive to a place called Front Royal, Virginia. Continue reading “Front Royal”

“I hate your stupid Appalachian Trail pants!”

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Long Distance Concerns

“I hate your stupid Appalachian Trail pants,” said my wife, as we were heading south on the Jersey Turnpike. “Your phone probably slipped right out of the cheap fabric pocket and is sitting on the men’s room floor as we speak.”

She did have a point about the phone, though I was unclear where the vitriol for these amazing pants was coming from. Continue reading ““I hate your stupid Appalachian Trail pants!””