The Unredacted Tweets of Bridget Bishop

Bridget Bishop was the first individual to be found guilty of practicing witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts, in 1692.  On June 10th of that year, she was hanged.  Her tweets leading up to her untimely death were redacted as part of national security.  326 years later, the House Intelligence Committee has released the original, and un-redacted tweets.

As evidenced in her January 4th, 1692 tweet, the year started out alright for Mrs. Bishop, relatively speaking.

Tweet 1

But on January 11th, 1692, things in the town of Salem started getting a little crazy when a couple of young ladies began having idiopathic fits.

tweet 2

tweet 3

Later that evening, things got even crazier.


On February 14th, 1692, the Parris family slave was arrested and accused of practicing witchcraft.


But on February 21st, 1692, Mrs. Bishop random tweeted about the weather.


And on February 25th, 1692, with Tituba turning states witness, Mrs. Bishop escalated the rhetoric and blamed the liberal media.


March 6th, 1692, Mrs. Bishop came to the defense of Cotton Mather, a respected Minister who sort of believed in witchcraft.


On April 18th, 1692, Bridget Bishop was arrested on charges of practicing witchcraft.  She went into a tweet storm.





On May 23rd, 1692, Mrs. Bishop sends a random anger tweet directed at Dr. Grigg’s.


Later that month, Mrs. Bishop unleashed her best nickname on the newly appointed Governor.



On May 30th, 1692, Mrs. Bishop praised her son for being transparent.


Later that day, Mrs. Bishop had an opportunity to appear contrite.  She did not take it.


On June 2nd, 1692, after being found guilty of witchcraft, Mrs. Bishop verbally accosted the “Idiot” Judges and criticized the court system.



In her last tweet on June 10th, 1692, Mrs. Bishop makes an astute point on the entire ordeal.



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