New Pastimes

I may technically be a man, but I’ve had some shady dealings with some effeminate things lately.  Fir-scented candles being one.  Actually, it’s perfectly acceptable for a man to enjoy a fir-scented candle.  What isn’t acceptable is harassing the owner of the local boutique shop who gets them in every fall, by inundating her with daily emails asking if they’ve arrived.  Continue reading “Manless-ness”

The Homonym Wars

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The Grate English Language

Technically, you can drop the bass—and the bass. You can literally drop the bass, but that could cause injury to your foot, so it’s recommended that you only drop the bass in the musical sense, if you are talented enough to do that. Dropping a bass doesn’t require any talent. In fact, I did it once while out on a fishing boat with family and friends. It was highly embarrassing, but the darn thing was extremely slippery. Continue reading “The Homonym Wars”


Endless Possibilities

The other day, at a three-way intersection, my car approached the stop sign at the same time as someone headed in the opposite direction. The other driver motioned for me to proceed, and I motioned for him to do the same. He smiled and firmly waved his hand. I did the same. Slightly amused and slightly annoyed at the standoff, I rolled down my window and yelled, “After you!” He acknowledged and headed down the road toward the rest of his life. Continue reading “Stopped”

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

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Making Headway 

It was never a relationship that was going to last. There were too many factors involved. Genetics, for one, probably played the biggest role. Irresponsible decisions I made in my youth had something to do with it, too. Eventually, the decisions you make do have a way of catching up to you. Continue reading “Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow”